Supplies and Volunteers Needed 

Hey Guys Here is something I need Immediately for the Bakery. 
A Roll of 250' 12/2 MC Cable. If anyone has this or can get it quick let me know we are getting VERY close to having the Electrical 100% done. 

I also need People knowledgable in Sheetrock. There is a lot of sheetrock to be hung and A lot of people are working day jobs and not able to do regular hours But I can meet people down there at anytime Day or Night to get Progress done. So if you have a couple friends who want to come down and do some sheetrock let me know!

Upcoming Events


NEW LOCATION THIS YEAR! THE BAKERY, 1007 BIGLEY AVE! (Elk City, west side, Charleston, WV). Admission with your donation of at least $7. Children under 13 free FOOTMAD dances may include: contras, squares, mixers, waltzes, and more Beginners welcome: come 6:45 pm for basics workshop! Live bands! TBA. All dances will be taught by the caller--no fancy footwork "If you can walk, you can contra dance" Partner not required, everyone encouraged to change partners frequently Soft-soled shoes please! Casual dress more info about our dance:

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